From the start »to the barrel« with Lidl’s young winemaker project

Our client, Lidl Slovenia, has chosen the best young winemakers for the third year in a row. This year the project has turned into an All-Slovene project for viticulture and enology students, since students from the University of Nova Gorica, University of Maribor and University of Ljubljana joined it. Through the project students got to know all about winemaking from the start »to the barrel« and upgraded their marketing communication knowledge and skills, which are essential for a successful market entry. As a project partner P&F Jeruzalem winemakers also joined the contest this year.

At the end of the contest an expert committee also graded the wines and the marketing plans. With this the best winemakers form Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana, from where two teams of students entered the project, were chosen and the absolute winner was picked. Best Lidl’s young winemakers are members of team ‘Lanthierijeve zvezde’ from the University of Nova Gorica, while the best team form University of Ljubljana is called ‘In tresle so se brajde’.

In Taktik agency we were happy to help by offering communication support and helping with the coordination of the project’s implementation.

In tresle so se brajde z najboljšo rebulo      podelitev nagrad zmagovalni ekipi