Prizma 2016
Project: Geodetic Administration of the Republic of Slovenia
Client: New height of Triglav

At the 21st Slovene PR Conference we received a Prizma award for exceptional recognisability, effectiveness, and creativity. For our client Geodetic Administration of the Republic of Slovenia we have staged a closing press conference for all Slovene Media. The Geodetic Administration has carried out the project Modernization of spatial data infrastructure to reduce risks and impacts of floods for three years, and the conference was meant to highlight the improvements the project has brought. All enhancements have enabled a new height calculation of Slovenia’s highest mountain – Triglav.

In print media we have reached 2.724 cm2 of article publications, on online portals we reached 30 publications; on TV we reached 14 minutes of broadcasting, and on radio 24 minutes. But everyone has been disappointed. The mountain Triglav is shorter for 34 centimetres – the new height is 2863, 65 meters.


SOF 2016
Project: Geodetic Administration of the Republic of Slovenia
Client: New height of Triglav

For reaching the highest and record amount of publications and broadcasts for the project Once again we measured the height of Triglav we received the Big prize of SOF on the Slovenian Advertising Festival. For our client Geodetic Administration of the Republic of Slovenia, who has carried out their project Modernization of spatial data infrastructure to reduce risks and impacts of floods for three years, we staged the closing press conference, where the main highlights of the project were pointed out. We even measured the hight of Triglav, the highest Slovenian mountain, again.


Prizma 2015
Project: Lidl’s young winemaker
Client: Lidl Slovenija

At the 19th Slovene Public Relations Conference we received a Prizma award for communication excellence in the category of specific communication program together with Lidl Slovenija for the Lidl’s young winemaker project. The project, which we have together with Lidl Slovenia implemented for the third time in 2015, connects students, academic public and wine experts with Lidl Slovenija business company in order to motivate students – young winemakers at upgrading their knowledge and developing new experience at wine making “from the start to the barrel”.

In only three years since the since the project first took place it has grown into a Pan-Slovene competition in 2015, which includes students from three Slovene universities.

podelitev nagrad zmagovalni ekipi


_JJJ2874 (ID 60581)

LANTHIERIIJEVE ZVEZDE_vipavski študentje



Prizma 2014
Project: Communication support to project Library for blind and partially sighted
Client: Union of the Blind and Partially Sighted of Slovenia

At the 18th Slovenian Public Relations Conference in 2014, we received Prizma award for the communication excellence together with our client Union of the Blind and Partially Sighted of Slovenia. We received the award for the project Library for the blind and partially sighted in the category of social responsible projects and non-profitable campaigns.

The project successfully actualized the problem od blind and partially sighted and raised public awareness about the importance of equitable inclusion of people with a vision disability in society. At the same, project highlighted the importance of the existence of an adequate library for the blind and partially sighted.

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Gold award at Slovenian Advertising Festival 2012
Project: Annual Report 2011
Client: Si.mobil

Annual Report 2011 for company Si.mobil received gold award in the competition froup ‘’Corporate advertising materials’’. Annual Report was designed in cooperation with studio IlovarStritar.

Instead of classical Annual Report in print version or on USB stick, we presented the business partners, financial analytics and media original graphic ‘’Girl with a telephone’’ by well-acknowledged Slovenian artist Zora Stančič. The central element of the graphic is QR code. Receivers of the graphic visited website of Si.mobil’s Annual Report in a way, that they scanned the QR code on the piece of art. .

In addition, we have decided to devote more attention to communicating the annual report to employees. Without motivated and committed employees, good business results would not have been possible. Therefore, the QR code include photos of all employees. Eight billboards with QR code and the employees were hanged at each floor Si.mobil office buildings and in other helpdesk.location.

Letno poročilo Si.mobil Letno poročilo Si.mobil1

IABC Gold Quill 2010
Project: Ekokviz
Client: Telekom Slovenije

Ekokviz, quiz about environment for school children, received IABC’s Gold Quill Merit Award. The idea for Ekokviz was developed by us for Telekom Slovenije and the execution of the project involved all then current members of Futura Group.

Apart from the main idea of Telekom Slovenije joining Ekokviz and moving it online, the jury was convinced also by the project outcomes. Compared to the previous year, the number of participating schools and children  increased significantly. Ekokviz was given very good grades also by the school mentors for being moved online and for the support in carrying out school quizzes.

ekokviz3 ekokviz2

Prizma 2010
Project: Reorganization and introduction of new organisational forms of post offices
Client: Pošta Slovenije 

In 2010, we received Prizma communication excellence award for the project “Reorganization and introduction of new organisational forms of post offices” in collaboration with Post of Slovenia. As the head of the jury Jadranka Jezeršek stated: “Besides raising awareness, the entries convinced the jury – and proved – that the stakeholders were actively involved in the communication and had the opportunity to influence things, change their behaviour and perception.”

The project included the transformation of the first 13 regular post offices to non-stationary post-offices. All were located in smaller towns in rural areas where a post office is still the only real and significant status symbol and a gathering place for local residents. Public relations activities were planned in detail and based on genuine and personal relationships. When creating proper communication support, the Agency paid special attention to the timely and accurately informed training of Pošta Slovenije’s employees, development of the right messages, negotiating tactics for communication with the local authorities and opinion leaders, temporal dynamics and tactics of implementation.


Prizma 2008
Project: 100 year of brand Donat Mg
Client: Droga Kolinska

On the 12th Slovenian Public Relations Conference in 2008, we have received Prizma award for the communication excellence for Droga Kolinska’s project “100th Anniversary of Donat Mg”. The entry was awarded also absolute winner within all categories.

The project won Prizma in the category of Efficient use of PR tools and PR communication programmes in the integrated communication programmes and also won special PRSS and IEDC award as the best entry overall.

The fascination of the jury could also be noticed in their explanation of the award: “Implementation of the project was a demanding operative task, as the communication activities were sensibly connected on the professional, national and also local level. The celebration of 100th Donat anniversary is a thorough, creative and positive project that is full of stories to tell. Apart from the ambition, it also radiates boldness of the team.”


Prizma 2006
Project: Touch and See
Client: Association of Blind and Partially Sighted Slovenia

Experimental press conference for the Touch and See exhibition received absolute best evaluation among all entries in competition for Prizma award in 2006. Besides Prizma in the category Effective Use of PR Tools we were therefore also awarded with special IEDC Bled prize for the absolute winner of the competition.

The jury was convinced by the creative idea and realization of the experimental press conference for the Slovenian Association of Blind and Partially Sighted at the opening of the Touch and See exhibition.

The jury’s argumentation for awarding project leader Urška Planinc was: “Press conference under great slogan “Touch and See” at the opening of the exhibition for blind and partially sighted was a one-time event that succeeded to inform the primary public on the problems that blind and partially sighted face every day. Special excellence of the project was shown through well considered structure of the conference that was based on the sensible experience and following intellectual discourse on the issue. Successful press conference is an excellent example of communicating with the media that had a key role in establishing a dialogue on the problem of availability of the cultural goods to the blind and partially sighted.”

untitled untitled1

Prizma 2005
Project: Communication support of Slovenian Advertising Festival
Client: The Slovenian Advertising Chamber

Team of experts from agency Taktik received award Prizma in 2005 for communication support of 14th Slovenian Advertising Festival.