Geodetic Administration of the Republic of Slovenia
Project:Once again we measured the height of Triglav 

For the Geodetic Administration of the Republic of Slovenia, who carried out their professional project Modernization of spatial data infrastructure to reduce risks and impacts of floods for three years, we staged the closing press conference for all Slovene Media. The conference was meant to highlight the work carried out, and to present the improvements it brought to spatial data and spatial data infrastructure. All these enhancements have enabled a new height calculation of Slovenia’s highest mountain – Triglav.

The press conference has been attended by all Slovene Media, just so they could hear the new height of Triglav. In the print media we have reached 2.724 cm2 of article publications, on online portals we reached 30 publications; on TV we reached 14 minutes of broadcasting, and on radio 24 minutes. But everyone has been disappointed. The mountain Triglav is shorter for 34 centimetres – the new height is 2863, 65 meters. Because we reached a record number of publications and broadcast minutes, we have won the big prize of SOF on Slovenian Advertising Festival (Slovenski oglaševalski festival), and a Special prize for exceptional recognisability, effectiveness, and creativity, which we received from the Slovene society of PR (Slovensko društvo za odnose z javnostmi).

IMG_9560-HQ (2)

Project: Elevator pitch

We designed and implemented the idea for small companies, who we wanted to introduce to Si.mobil’s speciall business offers. We organized two prize competitions, that were presented in a form of ‘’Elevator Pitch’’ – short introduction of company and their business challenges.

Term ‘’Elevator Pitch’’ derives from the situation, in which the business people find themselves in the elevator with a potential investor and has limited amount of time to introduce his activity. The competitors had few minutes to convince the jury, why their company deserves subvention and introduction in the show Prava idea on National television.



Project: 200 Meters Underground – An Extreme Poker Tournament

In cooperation with PokerStars, Taktik’s team of consultants prepared a creative concept and organized an extreme poker tournament, taking place 200 meters underground, at the Coal Mining Museum of Slovenia in Velenje. The main goals of the event were to attract media attention, to present poker in an unusual environment that would increase adrenalin, and to build on the connections between Slovenian poker players, journalists and celebrities. The event was a success, as a host of local and national media covered the tournament.



Association of Blind and Partially Sighted Slovenia
Project: Symposium for equal social inclusion

For the project of new library for blind and partially sighted, agency Taktik organized and implemented first scientific symposium. The symposium highlighted the problems and current status of blind, visually impaired and people with reading disabilities.

The operation is partially funded by the European Union through the European Social Fund. The operation is performed in the framework of the Operational Program for Human Resources Development , the development priority ” Equal opportunities and promoting social inclusion ” priorities ” Raising the employment of vulnerable groups in the field of culture and support their social inclusion.”


Project: Annual Reports for 2011 and 2012

Si.mobil’s Annual Reports for 2011 and 2012 proved, that the annual report can also be an art. Two outstanding graphics of well acknowledged Slovenian artist were placed in the foreground and presented point of entry into annual report.

In 2011, Instead of classical Annual Report in print version or on USB stick, we presented the business partners, financial analytics and media original graphic ‘’Girl with a telephone’’ by well-acknowledged Slovenian artist Zora Stančič. The central element of the graphic is QR code. Receivers of the graphic visited website of Si.mobil’s Annual Report in a way that they scanned the QR code on the piece of art. In addition, QR code includes photos of every Si.mobil’s employee.

In 2012, business partners and financial analytics received graphif from Roman Uranjek, member of Irwin group, New collectivism and movement NSK. With free mobile applications, receivers of the graphic can entry annual report through the augmented reality, which give the annual report a new level of interactivity.

Letno poročilo Si.mobil1

Letno poročilo Si.mobil

Project: Bicike(LJ)

Europlakat, in cooperation with City of Ljubljana Municipality, has in 2011 set up a bcycle rental self-service Bicike(LJ). At Taktik agency we have been in charge of promotion, which enabled a successful start of the Bicike(LJ) system. On the first day of running, more than 1.600 users have began using the Bicike(LJ) services. In three months time more than 20.000 locals as also visitors of Ljubljana have regularly started using Bicike(LJ), and the system has now well established itself as a popular means of transport around Ljubljana.

BICIKELJ Ljubljana 1

BICIKE(LJ) gverila 4

Lidl Slovenija
Project:Celebrating 5th anniversary

Upon the 5th anniversary of Lidl in Slovenia, Taktik’s team of consultants prepared a communications plan and collaborated in the execution of communications activities. They mainly focused on media relations, internal communication, Facebook communication and planning of the main event, which took place in front of a Lidl store, in Ljubljana.



Project: Amazing (every)day with Nokia Lumia – treasure hunt for journalists and bloggers

At the arrival of the first Nokia smartphone with Windows Phone to Slovenia we designed and implemented a treasure hunt for journalists and bloggers. The hunt was organized together with Nokia’s Slovenian marketing agency and required an intensive use of new smartphone Nokia Lumia 800 to receive the hints via social media while searching for the treasure. The treasure hunt was held in the Ljubljana city centre and included cooperation with several shops, bars and other institutions. The response to the event was very positive not only among the attendees, but also by the passers-by, who were watching the attendees during the tasks.

Nokia Lumia

Project: Administration of Generali’s Facebook page

Insurance company Generali in Slovenia uses Facebook as one of its main channels of communication. They selected this channel to present themselves as a credible and trustworthy insurance company with a wide range of innovative, high-quality and affordable insurance products. In spring 2013, Taktik designed a completely new strategy and began executing it. Generali’s Facebook page started to follow the outlined business strategy and communication goals of the company. About 19,000 followers are evidence that the Agency’s interesting and topical content is headed in the right direction.


Business Group Pivka (Pivka & Delamaris)
Project: ipd! – the Pivka Delamaris newsletter

In December 2009, Pivka d.d. became the owner of Delamaris d.o.o. The new management quickly and efficiently set up communication with employees in Delamaris, but even then they were aware that further nurturing of the relationship would be necessary. The joint future of Pivka and Delamaris called for a need for a shared internal newsletter. Both goals were successfully achieved through the joint ipd! newsletter, which with the help of the Agency, began publication in the beginning of 2010, and has continued to bring employees information and a sense of corporate belonging ever since.


Post of Slovenia
Project: Reorganization and introduction of the new organisational forms of post offices

In autumn 2009, we jointly planned and implemented communication strategy for the restructuring and the introduction of the new organizational forms of post offices. The project included the transformation of the first 13 regular post offices to non-stationary post-offices. All were located in smaller towns in rural areas where post is the only still present important status symbol as well as a gathering place for local residents. Public relations activities have been professionally planned in detail and based on genuine and personal relationships. When creating proper communication support, we paid special attention to timely and accurate informing and education of employees of Post of Slovenia, formation of the right messages, negotiating tactics for communication with the local authorities and opinion leaders, temporal dynamics and tactics of implementation. For the Post of Slovenia the project was of an enormous importance. Given the nature of the project, circumstances of the business and communication challenges effective implementation was very demanding. For the professional and communication excellence in this project we were in 2010 awarded with Prizma award presented by Public Relations Society of Slovenia.
















Project: A contest for translation students

Together with the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana and the client, the Agency launched a contest with the objective of encouraging translation studies students to contribute to developing their profession in Slovenia, by sharing their knowledge and experience, and by establishing a connection between the translation agency and young, talented students. Taktik’s team of consultants worked with the client planning the contest, preparing the materials, monitoring the progress of, and organizing the closing of the event. Media relations also represented an important feature of the contest. In the scope of the project Taktik also managed to connect the agency with the key journalists who cover the field of translation.

skrivanek2 skrivanek1














Association of Blind and Partially Sighted Slovenia
Project: Experimental press conference ‘’Touch and See’’

In 2006, we organized experimental press conference for the ‘’Touch and See’’ exhibition. At the press conference, we blind-folded journalists, so they could not longer rely on their eyes, but had to strengthen other senses. Experimental press conference received absolute best evaluation among all entries in competition for Prizma award in 2006.