Legal notice

Taktik, agency for communication management d.o.o. (Cvetkova ulica 25, 1000 Ljubljana (in short Taktik agency) gladly mediates information about the collection and use of personal data on this website for all visitors. Taktik Agency offers the assurance that we have safeguarded visitors’ privacy on this website according to our best efforts.

Forms of collecting and purpose of the use of personal data

Taktik agency collects personal data such as name and surname, postal and email addresses, only when they are voluntarily given and sign a written agreement for collecting and processing this data, and that you make known at the same time in writing with the purpose of collecting data and the duration of the use of the data. Personal data is preserved and used only as long as this is necessary for achieving the purpose for which they were collected. Personal data will be collected so you can communicate your response to our website, or so you can login to the database of employment seekers.

Sharing personal data
Taktik agency will use your personal data that is acquired on the basis of your written permission, signed understanding of the purpose of distributing data, and the time of duration for keeping the personal data. Of course, every use of collected data in our company will be in accordance with this statement.

Taktik agency does not sell or distribute personal data to other persons outside the company. Taktik agency holds the rights to use and reveal data: (a) on the basis of regulations, (b) for fulfillment of your order; and (c) for the requirements of investigations by state bodies.

Of course the Taktik agency has personal data organizationally and technically protected from possible unauthorized processing or interventions. Furthermore, they are ensuring that such a data catalog contains legally defined categories of data. Among these categories are the following categories reported accordingly to the Ministry of Justice: the title of the personal data collection, the manager of the collection, the categories of individuals and types of collected personal data.

You have control over any kind of personal data which you transmit to us electronically. If you ever want to update your personal data, or if you want to change the choice of receiving our notices, let us know at the electronic or on the postal addresses below.

If you ever want to review your personal data, or to ask us to erase collected data, or to stop using them, write to us on the electronic or postal address below.

Cookies are data ‘crumbs’ which website transmits to hard disc to individual user and serve the purpose of taking notices of visiting of the website. Cookies enable to the website to remember important data which improves the usage of the webpage. As with most websites, the Taktik agency’s uses cookies for various purposes which improve your electronic experience, for instance: we oversee the total number of visitors of our website on a common anonymous basis. Cookies can be used also to remember you when revisiting our website, or so that they help personally adjust your experience with the Taktik agency’s website. In these cases we can connect personal data with the cookie file.

If you do not wish to receive cookies or if you wish to be asked before you receive a cookie, change the options of your search engine.

Connections with other websites
Sometimes we show links with other websites that the Taktik agency does not manage. If you visit any of these you have to read their statements of privacy. We are not responsible for the statement and procedures of collecting and using personal data by other companies.

Changes of our privacy statements
Because we have to occasionally change the statement that you see here, we advise the checking of this page occasionally to be sure that no change will be working in return, and will not change the way of using of the previously collected data.

Conditions of Use
All information and images in the widest sense (sketches, photographs, maps, etc.) posted on these web pages are author’s work and therefore, already with its creation in a legally permitted framework, are subject to author’s protection or other forms protection of intellectual property.

Users are allowed to use posted contents solely for personal and noncommercial uses. Individual users are allowed to use posted contents solely in one personal issue. Documents and contents posted on these web pages can in no case be copied transcribed, or in any other way distributed for commercial purposes.

Documents and contents on these web pages can be exceptionally reproduced solely in non-commercially or educational purposes, in which all information on authors and source and warnings on protection of authors or other rights must preserved. If these conditions are not fulfilled, the copying of author’s contents of these web pages is, under the law on authors and related rights of the republic of Slovenia (ZAPS), Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia # 120-01/94-1/3), not allowed. Users are allowed to set the link to these web pages on their web pages.

Viewing and copying the contents of these web pages means automatically agreeing to these conditions.

Contact Information
If you have any questions regarding these legal notices please contact us.