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Šiht happens

Tenth anniversary of the company was marked with a lot of changes. The biggest two were change of ownership and the name of the agency and moving into new location. For 10th birthday, agency made T-shirts with a meaningful title ‘’Šiht happens’’. A word play represents one part of the spectrum of public relations fields, that agency counts among key strengths.

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Easter eggs for a happy birthday

In 2010, we have celebrated resurrection of the Christ together. For the first time, we have joined it with the celebration of the company’s anniversary. On this occasion, we sent jubilee Easter eggs to their friends and business partners. Agencies Easter eggs are carrying a special graphic design of pret’a’manger brand KokošAnel.



Recessionism – new art movement

With a group of established artists we have initiated Recessionism – new art movement that is responding to the economic crisis by searching for the new through art. Within recessionism, our agency is a collective corporate artist.

Recessionists believe there is no other short-term way out of recession than through the creation of new. Their work depicts the state of mind during the economic recession. There is a lack of tangible, but there is always a thought remaining. Recessionists’ artworks are creating an undefined space for the audience to enter as partner in creating the artwork. Led by his imagination and necessary optimism, the viewer adds his experience of the new world. For the artwork to be fulfilled, there are needed both, the artist and the active viewer as his complement.

A selection of recession artworks was exhibited from June 12-15 2009 at the City Museum of Ljubljana and presented the peak of Recessionism movement. The exhibition represented artworks of all artists who joined recessionism: Zora Stančič, Michael Benson, Vuk Ćosić, Bojan Gorišek, Matevž Medja, Silvester Plotajs Sicoe, Matej Andraž Vogrinčič and EnKnapGroup.

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Up or down, just don’t use the lift!

With a desire of being more consistent in environmentaly friendly behavior, agency’s team commited to start working and living more friendly to the environment.

Our ecological behavior guidelines are joined under the slogan »AL GORE AL’ DOLE, SAMO NE Z LIFTOM!« (Up or down, just don’t use the lift!) and they help us to be better inhabitants of our planet and to justify our colors that we are wearing so proudly.

The program was implemented in cooperation with Umanotera, The Slovenian Foundation for Sustainable Development.  Our actions prove that striving for a more environmentally friendly office can also be fun. We have funny banners around the workplace that remind them to turn the lights and computers off, separate waste for recycling, use both sides of paper, and similar.

Our ecological program won a Green office award for one of the best environmental practices in office management. The award was given by company Planet GV and it is intended for organizations, which are acknowledging environmental problems and also try to take their part in solving them through their work.

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Part owner of the Moon

In 2007, we become owners of one part of the Moon. This investment is a part of agency’s development strategy, whose goal is to protect competitive advantages of the agency in the domestic market. In the mid-term perspective, it will also assure expansion to the undiscovered markets and particularly good global perspective.

The decision for the investment was made on the occasion of the 4th anniversary of agency’s market presence. The agency acquired 10-8 percent of the Moon’s surface. Investment in the total amount of 37 EUR has been fully financed by the agency itself. Based on the known facts, further rapid growth of the investment is expected, as competitors show significant interest for investing to this area, while its availability is limited.

We came in peace was clear and simple message of agency to all that might feel endangered by the acquisition. “Key reason for our business move was incredible global perspective and different angle we can see the events from. Regarding all advantages there was no doubt the Moon is the best possible choice in this price range,” explained Matjaž Klipšteter, managing director. “It’s a small step for the company and for the mankind.”


First eatable press release

In 2003, for the first time in history of modern public relations, we send out edible press release. With this activity, we celebrated our first anniversary. Edible press release, that was printed on a cake, was sent out to Slovenian media editorships, that were surprised and grateful for sending them dessert after the lunch.

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