Our Triglav is harvesting prizes

At this year’s Slovenian Advertising Festival and the Slovene PR conference we received the Big prize SOF for reaching the highest and record amount of publications and broadcasts, and a Prizma award for exceptional recognisability, effectiveness, and creativity together with our client Geodetic Administration of the Republic of Slovenia. We received the prizes for a successful execution of the closing press conference, where the Geodetic Administration has presented the main improvements of the three year long project Modernization of spatial data infrastructure to reduce risks and impacts of floods. Because of the exceptional results of the project, Slovenia is becoming comparable to the European geodetic field. The quality of data increased, and the modern equipment have enabled a quicker and more efficient calculation of heights, and also the height of Slovenian mountains. Within the project we calculated a new height of Slovenia’s highest mountain – Triglav.

On one hand we had only three weeks time and assets, with which we could hardly afford an article publication in the Slovene daily newspaper Delo, and on the other hand we had one of the most demanding professional projects of the Geodetic Administration in the past few years. Our job, and a challenge, was to present the results at the closing press conference, and draw attention to the innovations that will, among other things, help to improve the prevention in the field of risk reduction, greater security and protection of lives of the inhabitants of Slovenia in the field of flood protection.

The increased quality of the data within the project has enabled a more efficient determination of heights. We asked ourselves: What can be measured again, so that the whole Slovenia will talk about it? We chose out national pride, Triglav, and decreased its height for 34 centimetres. The representatives of all big Slovene media wanted to know the new height, and the news of a shorter Triglav has speeded all over Social Media.

“The results of the project were above all expectations, so we dared to reach towards our national symbol Triglav, just to prove that the demanding professional content can also appear in media,” has commented Jurij Režek, the director of the Institute of Geodesy and project manager. We can proudly say, we reached 2.724 cm2 of article publications in print media, on online portals we reached 30 publications; on TV we reached 14 minutes of broadcasting, and on radio 24 minutes.

On the link below, you can also see a short movie, that made all the visitors of the Slovenian Conference of PR, and the Slovenian Advertising Festival laugh: link

SOF skoj