Project’s results in an infographic

In cooperation with the Union of the Blind and Partially Sighted of Slovenia (ZDSSS) we have presented the results of Knjižnica slepih in slabovidnih – KSS (Library of Blind and Partially Sighted) project, which was supported by the European Social Fund and the Ministry of Culture. Project’s results were gathered in a different, visually interesting format –infographic. At the presentation of the results we have also presented eBralec – a new speech synthesizer of Slovene language.

In November KSS project, which lasted for more than two years, is finalizing. The project laid the foundation for operations of a national library for blind, partially sighted and people with reading disorders. The project, financed from funds of the European Social Fund, is considered one of the biggest and most recognized projects for vulnerable groups in Slovenia, concerning the results and the amount of financed funds.



In cooperation with ZDSSS we have showed the project’s results in an infographic. With four areas, in which three graphics are located, it covers key achievements of the project. The key message of the infographic is openness of the library for all, since during the project the library has acquired 120 new members but also hosted more than 1,000 different guests from members of associations, children, youngsters, teachers, librarians, experts to representatives of ministries and other institutions. Besides that, the library is still staying opened for all, who wish to get to know it and ZDSSS.

Through the project many technological innovations, which enable easier access to information for blind and partially sighted, were developed and introduced to Slovene environment. This kind of novelty is also eBralec, a new speech synthesizer of Slovene language. It will enable easier use of computers and smart phones with Android operating system to blind and partially sighted.


Results were presented at the press conference