Clients come to us when they need communication strategies built on knowledge and experience, as we have proven the ability to communicate effectively with key audiences and stakeholders. We carefully select the most efficient communication tools tailored to the specific area of business operations.

Taktik offers expertise in public relations and has acted as consultant to many clients from various industries, including finance, banking, insurance, trade & commerce, transport and logistics, the public sector, IT & telecommunications, healthcare & pharmacy, tourism, agriculture and food, and non-profit organizations.

Institute of Occupational Health

We’ve been working with the client in years 2003 and 2004. In this time, we provided consultancy in the fields of marketing activities and communication support with key target audiences.



HP Slovenia

We’ve worked for the client in years 2004 and 2005. Our main focus is to carry out media relations activities.



Ljubljana Stock Exchange

We provided strategic consultation and implementation of public relations activities from 2003 to 2006.



Cooperative Union of Slovenia

From 2004 to 2007, we’ve worked with Cooperative Union of Slovenia in the fields of communication support for different key publics.



Sport Center Pohorje

Sport Center Pohorje is one of the biggest sport centers in Slovenia. From 2005 to 2009, we’ve worked with the company in the fields of crisis communication and media relations.



Company Lama d.d. Dekani, today known as Titusplus d.o.o., is a part of international group and is specialized in the production of fittings for furniture. It ranks among the ten leading manufacturers of furniture. The Agency’s cooperation with the Lama began in 2006, shortly before the establishment of an international group.  For three years, we have been providing complete support for public relations, namely media relations, internal relations, corporate social responsibility projects and relationships with business partnerji.



Triglav, Health Insurance Company

We’ve worked with Triglav Insurance Company in years 2003-2011. In this time, we were active both ath the consultancy level as in the field of implementation of public relations activities. Especially, we worked in the area of media relations. Ever since the establishment of Triglav, we provided communication support for entering the insurance market, online presentation, presentation on “health terminals,” monitoring and analysis of media coverage and other necessary communication infrastructure.


In 2006, we developed and implemented a program of comprehensive communications support for Unicef, which included management consulting, infrastructure for the implementation of media relations, public speaking training and the implementation of regular, planned and proactive communication with the media.

Triglav DZU

Project cooperation for Triglav DZU in 2004 and 2005 included consulting and implementing communication activities in public relations field, preparation and design of internal and external publications, media monitoring, communication support of opening of new stores and media guideline book.


Special Olympics Slovenia

Special Olympics games are designed for people with disabilities, that enable social and sports activities. The highlight of the Special Olympics athletes presents participation in the European and World Games for Special Olympics. In 2011, when the Slovenian team of Special Olympians participated in the Special Olympics in Athens, we took care of a complete range of communication activities that pursued three main objectives: to inform the public understanding of the purpose of the Special Olympics, to raise the visibility and to promote the purpose of their mission.



Poteza is a business, tax, legal, financial advisory and brokerage company. In 2006, we prepared strategic crisis communication plan and implemented whole scope of activities, that are necessary in crisis circumstances. Activities included internal and external relations with key publics.



At their 10th anniversary in 2011, company Borzen published several publication for their business partners. Taktik team of consultants worked with the client in order to design and prepare content for publications.



The Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Public Legal Records and Related Services (AJPES) is an indispensable primary source of official public and other information on business entities in Slovenia. We worked with the Agency in 2007 and 2008, when we developed marketing strategy (market analysis, product analysis, proposals of products development, promotional activities).

Chemical Office of the Republic of Slovenia

In 2009, we developed a communication strategy to support the project Biomonitoring. Our strategy included current situation analysis, communication guidelines, definition of target audiences and objectives and a proposal of communication tools to reach business goals of the project.



From 2007 to 2009, we designed and implemented comprehensive relations plan with key business partners for the leading Slovenian energy company.



Taktik team of consultants organized and coordinated Michelin roadshow in Slovenia (Ljubljana and Maribor), where they presented the novelties in their products and prepared tyre testing for Michelin dealers in Slovenia. We were in charge of the whole organization – locations, scenario, execution, invitations, and communication with dealers.

Association of patients with rheumatic diseases

We supported Association of patients with rheumatic diseases with comprehensive media relations to raise public awareness about the rheumatic diseases and about new ways of medical approach to improve patients’ quality of lives.


Union of the Blind and Partially Sighted of Slovenia

We’ve been collaborating with the Union of the Blind and Partially Sighted of Slovenia since 2006, when we designed first ”experimental press conference” at the opening of the exhibition ”Touch and See”. In the years of our cooperation, we helped with implementatino of various communication campaigns for different target audiences, especially media and Union members. From 2013 onwards, we are actively involved in promotional activities for the project of new library of blind and partially sighted.


Danone is one the biggest companies in the food industry in the world. In years 2003-2005 and 2007-2008, we offered media relations support and communication support with key opinion leaders. We also worked with the client in the fields of crisis communication situations.



Taktik d.o.o. have been responsible for media relations (mostly product, but also corporate) since September 2007. Based on the communication guidelines, received from the headquarters, our team prepares communication plans for Slovenia and implements them, as well as provides support to the international activities; each year, there is an international press event that is attended by journalists from all over the world. Most of the activities are coordinated with regional office in Austria, and some of them also with the headquarters in Germany. There are also regular conference call meetings for all Gigaset teams worldwide to exchange their experience and ideas.


In 2011 and 2012, we designed and implemented comprehensive program of public relations activities for the leading online store in Slovenia. Our cooperation also included strategic consulting and activities, that were aimed at building reputation and visibility among key target audiences.


Radenska is a company that produces and fills different mineral waters and non-alcoholic beverages. The agency has been working for the client from 2008 until 2012. Scope of work was focused on corporate communication with key publics, media relations, crisis management and strategic consultancy. We engaged also in several communication activities regarding different product lines and helped with the launch of new products (Radenska Oaza, Radenska Plus, etc).


At 50th anniversary of company Kolektor, we designed and implemented a comprehensive set of services and activities in the field of corporate communications. Especially, we focused on organizing and carrying out international competition for students ”Driving the knowledge” and preparation of the annual report.



Erste Card Club

We’ve been working with the client from 2013. Our main focus is to carry out media relations.


SODO is an electricity distribution system operator in Slovenia that provides efficient supply of electricity to more than 900,000 users of distribution network. We’ve been working with the company since 2013. Our main focus is advising, planning and implementing  company’s communication activities.


Avtenta is a leading provider of content and relationship management solutions, business and insight systems, as well as the foremost Microsoft, Cisco and SAP education partner in Slovenia. The company was our client from 2005 to 2008, when we cooperated in the fields of communication activities support for media, business partners and employees.

Slovenian Chamber of Commerce

As a strategic consultant in the public relations field, we cooperated with the client at the establishment of Slovenian Chamber of Commerce. The project consultants from our agency  provided comprehensive communications support to the leadership and the working group that carried out the establishment of the Chamber of Commerce. We cooperated with the client in 2006 and 2007, when we also prepared public relations plan and wide range of communication activities.

National Institute of Public Health

National Institute of Public Health is the central national institution, whose purpose is to study, protect and increase health level by raising the awareness of the population and other preventive measures. In 2006, agency Taktik prepared comprehensive communication plan for possible outbreak of pandemic flu.


Company Aquasystems was founded in 1997 with the aim of constructing and operating the central waste water treatment plant in Maribor. This plant has big environmental importance and ranks Maribor on the top of Central European cities in the fields of water protection and ensuring high quality of life. Agency Taktik worked with the company from 2007 to 2009 in the fields of public relations, especially on upgrading the project ‘’Save your water drop’’.

Medical Clinic dr. Adolf Drolc

Agency Taktik worked with public Medical Clinic from 2007 to 2009 in the fields of public relations. The largest part of our cooperation included the establishment of a communication system with the emphasis on internal communication and educating employees about importance of planned and consistent communication with key publics.


Supernova Group is an international company, which is present in ten major Slovenian cities. The biggest and most visited is the shopping center in Ljubljana. We cooperated with the client from 2007 to 2012 in fields of communication support for their activities for shopping centers in several Slovenian cities.

Slovene Chamber of Pharmacies

Our consultant work in public relations field lasted from 2006 to 2013. It included planning and implementation of projects, aimed at raising public awareness on the proper and safe use of medicines and the role of pharmacists about the use of medicines. We also advised to the leadership of the Chamber about public appearance and provided them with full support for public relations activities implementation.


In cooperation with Futura Group, we prepared many communications projects for Mercator from 2007 to 2011. We designed and implemented communication support with launching new brands and rebranding of existing brands, such as Lumpi, Mercator Bio, Mercator Premium, Mercator Body, etc.

Telekom Slovenije

In cooperation with Futura Group, we designed and implemented national project of ecological and environmental communication which was aimed at raising awareness of ecological education in elementary schools. In years from 2008 to 2012, agency Taktik prepared comprehensive project plan, that included implementation of the project and communication activities for all key publics (media, professional public and others).


Droga Kolinska

For natural mineral water Donat Mg by Droga Kolinska, agency Taktik implemented communication activities in public relations field in the years from 2008 to 2012. The main purpose of the activities was to deepen and consolidate relations with local public, professional public, the media and consumers. Taktik prepared communication plans, took care for the implementation of individual activities and participated in plans for the development of the brand in Slovenian and foreign markets.

Forum Of International Research & Development Pharmaceutical Companies, EIG

All international pharmaceutical companies, which are developing and manufacturing original medicine, are part of Forum. We worked together for more than 5 years – our work consisted of strategic consultancy for communication with key stakeholders in the country.

Association of Centers for social work

We began working with the Association and each separate center in 2010. Centers for social work cover a wide range of social security affairs, that is why an open communication, fueled by knowledge of liberties and tasks of center, is of key importance in ensuring a greater efficiency of the center, on the one hand, and the pleasure of users, on the other. We ensure them with communication and consultancy support in their relations with key publics, especially in their media relations and in cases of crisis communication.


Taktik began working for the Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia after compulsory membership was abolished. in 2006 and 2007, agency Taktik provided support in the fields of strategic communications, public relations and media training.

SID bank

The SID Bank is an authorized and specialized Slovenian incentive export and development bank. Taktik has been SID Bank’s strategic consultant for public relations since 2007. During this time, the Agency also drafted their communications strategy with a focus on the overall positioning of the SID Bank, internal communications, the integrated appearance of the SID Banking Group and relations with key publics.


Taktik’s team of consultants has been collaborating with the second biggest mobile operator and business solutions provider since 2010. As the Taktik’s client, Si.mobil relies on the Agency’s participation and support with corporative communication, media relations, crisis communication and marketing project support. The projects delivered together are dynamic, diverse, efficient, and when the content allows, even humorous and often awarded.

Project: Elevator pitch

Project: Annual Reports for 2011 and 2012


Europlakat is the leading out-of-home advertising provider in Slovenia. Taktik has been cooperating with Europlakat as external strategic consultants since August 2006. The Agency plans and executes Europlakat’s integrated media relations program, and provides them with consulting in the planning and implementation of communication activities in the field of business-to-business communication. Taktik was also their consultant when they redesigned their website.

Project: Bicike(LJ)


Lidl is one of the leading retail chains in Europe, which entered the Slovenian market in 2007. Since then, it has been growing steadily, not only in turnover and number of employees, but also in their number of stores. Lidl has been Taktik’s client since 2012 and the Agency assisted them in defining communication narratives on a variety of fields of operations. The Agency assists them in preparation and execution of internal communication projects, media relations projects, corporate responsibility projects and social media communication strategies.

Project: Lidl – celebrating 5th birthday


Lek, a Sandoz company

The pharmaceutical company Lek, a member of the Sandoz Group, has been one of the leading companies in Slovenia, for over sixty years. Since 2002, the company has been an important part of Novartis, more specifically its global generics division of Sandoz. It is one of the most successful foreign investments in Slovenia. Taktik has been cooperating with Lek since 2004 in corporate communication, providing them with integrated communication support for media and labor relations.

PwC Slovenia

Taktik began collaborating with the Slovenian branch of one of the largest global audit and consulting companies, PwC Slovenia, in the beginning of 2013. The Agency provides them with strategic consultancy support in their relationships with key publics in line with the demands of their areas of operations (audit and assurance services, business consulting, and tax services).

Raiffeisen Bank

The Slovenian branch of one of the largest banking groups in the CEE region, which has been operating for over 110 years, has been Taktik’s client since 2005. The Agency provides them with strategic consultancy and operational support in their relationships with key publics and opinion leaders.


The beginnings of Taktik’s constructive cooperation with KDD date back to 2003. Since then, the Agency has been contributing to various KDD projects such as the preparation of content and regular updates of their websites, production of communication manuals and communication strategies, creation of various printed materials, communication support for events, management consulting and the planning and implementation of media and other stakeholder relations. Successful cooperation, from the very first work undertaken by the original Taktik team, exhibits professionalism and diligent work, all completed within the agreed deadlines. KDD employees have credited the agency’s team for it’s initiative and flexibility.


Pivka d.d. is one of the leading providers of high-quality, healthy and tasty meats and meat products produced in a natural and environmentally friendly way. It is one of the most prominent and advanced companies in the Slovenian meat-processing industry and the second largest producer of poultry meat in Slovenia. Agency Taktik was working for Pivka from 2009 to 2013. We are proud, that a part of the credit for the success, when Pivka became the owner of Delamaris d.o.o., can also be contributed to the Agency and its systematic and professionally managed work in the field of public relations. The same has also been achieved for Delamaris, the only Slovenian manufacturer of healthy and high-quality fish products manufactured with modern and environmentally friendly technology.

Project: ipd! – the Pivka Delamaris newsletter




Generali Zavarovalnica d.d. entered the Slovenian market in 1996 as part of Generali Group Insurance, and has also been a member of the financial group Generali PPF Holding since 2008. 2006 is one of its most important milestones – since then, it is considered the largest and most reputable foreign insurance company in Slovenia. Taktik’s team has been successfully cooperating with them since April 2004. As a part of strategic communications consultancy and integrated creative solutions the Agency provides support for various activities in the field of public relations, as well as assistance in the implementation of media, employees and policyholders’ relations on a daily basis. Since April 2013 Taktik has also been successfully managing the company image on social networks.

Project: The administration of Generali Zavarovalnica’s Facebook page



Pošta Slovenije

Pošta Slovenije is the national post and logistics operator of the Republic of Slovenia. 6,300 employees take care of the implementation and further development of high quality, competitive and reliable postal and logistics services (traditional and electronic) in the domestic and foreign network, and of sales of merchandise on a daily basis. Since 2007 Taktik’s team of communication professionals has been continuously contributing to Pošta Slovenije achieving its goal of becoming “the most important and largest provider of postal and related services in Slovenia after the full opening of the postal market in the European Union”.

Project: The reorganization and introduction of new organizational types of post offices


One of the world’s leading makers of mobile devices was Taktik’s client for almost 5 years in the field of media and public relations services in Slovenia. The Agency  adapted Nokia’s global PR activities to the local market, developed PR activities to position Nokia as a key player in the IT business sector and provided strategic consultancy regarding Nokia’s media and public relations activities in Slovenia.

Project: Amazing (every)day with Nokia Lumia – treasure hunt for journalists and bloggers

Frutarom Etol

Frutarom Etol is one of the leading European producers of aromas and flavors for food industry, and has been Taktik’s client since 2012. Cooperation with the client is based on consulting, planning, and performing activities in the field of public relations, including media relations, internal communication, business-to-business communication, and stakeholder relations.


Taktik’s collaboration with IKEA Slovenia started in January 2011. The Agency is responsible for all forms of proactive strategies and strategic advisory support on request, support for PR strategy and activities, as well as for strategic and operational support for media relations and consulting on media relations and providing information on the trends in the field of public relations. Taktik’s team works together with regional coordinators and is involved in the planning and implementation of international projects in cooperation with IKEA strategic staff, and other agencies working for the company in the region.


AdriatIQA is a part of the internationally established translation network Skrivanek, one of the most recognized translation agencies in Slovenia. As Taktik’s client, it relies on their team of consultants for public relations, support in planning and executing different communication activities for key target groups, the preparation of materials and for the preparation of website content, and more. We cooperated with AdriatIQa from 2008 to 2013.

Project: A contest for translation students



The world’s largest poker site on the web has been a Taktik client since 2009, when it was first introduced to the Slovenian public. For their launch on the Slovenian market the Agency’s team of consultants prepared an integrated public relations strategy, which included intense media relations. Taktik is currently developing and executing diverse communication activities for the client with the goal of bringing the game of poker closer to relevant media and target audience groups and to create long-term relations with them.

Project: 200 Meters Underground – An Extreme Poker Tournament