Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility is one of the key elements in building a successful, respected and modern company. The World Business Council for Sustainable Development views social responsibility as a company’s advantage, which means it will act ethically and contribute to economy development, and at the same time it will improve the quality of life of its employees, local community, and wider society.

In Taktik Agency we are professionals in preparing ling-term strategies of social responsibility – from the starting design (workshops, preparations and meetings with employees, introductory analyses) and preparations (content planning and activities, key messages and goals), all to implementation (preparation of operation plan and communication plan). Beside that, we have rich experience in establishing new socially responsible brands of our clients, which are recognized by a strategic and creative note, and at the same time they represent an important contribution in further development and reputation of the company.


The importance of video production is increasing day by day, and all of our clients are aware of the fact, that motion picture says a thousand words. In collaboration with professionals, we help by the creative design and production execution of the most diverse video materials for our clients – from introduction videos, advertisement, promotional spots, all to videos for internal public and many more. All of them are created in close collaboration with our client, with a strong creative component and in excellent realization.

Creating texts

A good communicator knows, that the right word at the right place has a great meaning. Thoughtful writing, appropriate choosing of words, text length and the lead text are our distinctive advantage, which is well appraised by our clients. We offer a various range of preparation and writing of different types of texts – for internal newspapers, newsletters, internal bulletins, lifestyle magazines, intranet news, website content, various articles and contributions for our client’s websites and other channels, speeches for client’s events or important moments in companies etc. Each word is accompanied by a well thought out red thread, which is harmonized with the client, and profound knowledge of target groups or readers of this content.

Creative concepts

Regardless of the communication activity, at Taktik we focus on creativity. We are recognized by great experience and projects, which are rewarded by national and international prizes. With our creative director, we design creative concepts and ideas for various events, activations of different target public, launching different products and services, as well as creative media relations, slogans, texts and many more.

Public relations

Taktik is known as a reliable and trustworthy business partner, as well as an agency that is easy and pleasant to work with. Clients come to us when they need communication strategies built on knowledge and experience, as we have proven the ability to communicate effectively with key audiences and stakeholders. We are a great partner to have when the stakes are high: during a crisis, a brand launch, or any period of an organizational change or transition.

Taktik offers consulting and a wide range of services to help our clients plan, run, and evaluate their public relation activities. Our team has launched and managed numerous communication programmes for Slovenian and global companies, industry associations, public institutions, and non-governmental organizations.

Media relations

One of the key target public of our clients are the media. Our consultants have great experience in the field of establishing long-term media relations, know the media landscape well, and know how to adapt the messages of our clients to the specifics of the media. We have great experience in designing creative ideas for a greater exposure in the media, and we know how to approach journalists in an interesting and transparent way.

The Agency prepares lists of general and specialized journalists and editors, press conference preparation and other organized meetings with journalists, media announcements, writing short summaries about the organization, explanatory materials, frequently asked questions and their answers, a manual for working with journalists, and a media crises manual.

Internal communication

Employees are the heart and soul of any organization, and special attention is required when communicating with them. A positive image of the organization in its external environment is not sufficient, as organizations must, at the same time, also build and nourish open and trust-based relations with employees.

Even after a positive image of the organization for the broader public has emerged, it can fade very quickly if it does not have the support of employees. It is important that the organization uncovers the reasons for employee dissatisfaction and deals with them accordingly.

The tools most commonly used in employee communication are internal newsletters, management memos, other messages intended for employees, bulletin boards, the intranet, training, specialized seminars, yearly meetings, employee handbooks, and individual communication with employees. Taktik knows how to unite these tools in an effective model of activities in order to help its clients reach their desired organizational goals.

Strategic consulting

The style and manner of communication defines every organization and influences their public image. Only properly planned, thorough, and goal-oriented communications can actively help create a positive image of the organization.

Taktik helps the clients plan and perform all activities in the area of communication. The Agency’s work begins by drafting an integrated communications strategy, then working together with the client in setting communications objectives and tactics that will help in the achievement of these objectives.

Customer relations

An important task of customer relations is ensuring the satisfaction of those using the organization’s products and services. Customer complaints, comments, and suggestions are useful sources of information for making efficient programs and strategies, and should be treated consistently. These sources can also serve as support or a supplement to the organization’s marketing activities, as well as other communication activities.

Crisis and change management

In a crisis situation, when a company has to make decisions in a short period of time and under public pressure, well prepared communication can significantly facilitate the work. With appropriate and up to datecommunication company can mitigate the consequences of the crisis and contribute to easing the situation. Agency Taktik provides strategic consulting and implementation of activities, that are based on manyyears of experience of our most skilled consultants.

Financial public relations

Investor and financial public relations is one of those rare fields of communication, which are at least partially set by legislation and stock market rules. That is why it is not only useful, but in certain cases also a requirement.

Investors and the financial public are of key importance to the success of a company. Shareholders, stock market brokers and business analysts must be correctly informed in order to achieve a strong market positioning of the company. Attention must also be paid to relations with the media, as having transparent communication with them, can prevent possible misunderstandings.

Taktik offers their clients the following services in building relations with investors and with the financial public:

  • establishing and maintaining relations with shareholders,
  • building relations with possible investors (shareholders and bank creditors) and the financial public,
  • ensuring the company strictly follows all necessary stock market rules and legislation regarding communication,
  • preparing and efficiently presenting annual business results to potential investors (preparing annual reports), and
  • building strong and trustful media relations.

Relations with local communities

Relations with local communities are a specific form of public relations because the local community is a key factor in the organization’s long-term prosperity. A sense of connection between the community and the organization, which is established through organized and strategically managed communication, substantially reduces the chances of a crisis situation to arise from a misunderstanding of the organization’s activities. These relations prevent the creation of such a lack of understanding. Organizations must constantly foster communication with their local environment, and build quality relations in order to co-exist with the local community.

Taktik recommends the use of communication tools that help understand the tendencies of the surrounding environment: open door days, articles and advertising in local papers, letters from management to the local community, meetings with community representatives, opening an information office, phone numbers for questions, donations, sponsorships, round table discussions, cooperation at local events, local council meetings, cooperation with local institutions, and the like.

Relations with the business public

Relations with the business public (B2B relations) are specific as they involve people such as vendors, suppliers and other business partners, directly involved with the activities of the company.

Taktik helps clients build great business relations based on the following principles:

  • building and maintaining firm relations with key business public,
  • maintaining transparent communication with key business public and solving any potential complaints,
  • strategically communicating changes in the organization, directly relevant to the business public,
  • setting a comprehensive communication strategy through which companies’ activities are presented and are also given communication support for those in charge of presenting business goals of the company.

Public affairs

Decisions that are taken by the so-called ‘decision-making’ publics (the European Commission, the European Parliament, national parliaments, governments, mayors, municipal councils), significantly impact the environment in which organizations operate. In these times when more and more organizations are operating globally, it is necessary to know not only local, national, and EU policies, but to also know the international environment where you operate, particularly in non-EU countries. From the point of view of the organization, it is therefore important to have established mutual and long-term relations with individual decision-making institutions, to regularly follow the preparation of legislation, and also to respond to these factors in a timely manner.

Event management

Companies often use different events for employees, business partners, or the media in creating relations with target publics. These can also be used as a classical tool of the promotional network, for the presentation of new products. Event management is generally a highly demanding and complex undertaking, and expert help is a necessity. Taktik provides complete event planning services for various occasions and for all of client’s publics. The Agency can take care of all the stages of event planning, including preparing invitations, organizing key personnel, writing the script, speeches, selecting the location, catering, preparing backdrops, thank-you cards, and any possible media announcements.

Media analysis

The influence of the media in the modern world is immense because it represents a basic source of information for the majority of the public. Organizations understand its value, so the accurate and consistent monitoring of media reporting is crucial for quality performance, planning, and evaluation of the effects of PR activities.

Taktik acquires even more precise data by conducting analyses of media reporting, which besides counting journalist’s contributions, includes numerous other parameters and precise content analysis, and represents all-purpose PR tools.

Taktik offers its clients precise and responsive monitoring of extensive lists of all types of prominent media from Slovenia, South-Eastern Europe, and other countries. All media clips are accessible to the client in an online archive, which offers a wide variety of opportunities for examining and storing published documents.

To enter WebKliping, the media clipping online archive, simply enter your user name and password at the Taktik home page. If you don’t have this data, send an email to

Social media

An online presence and communication on social networks is increasingly gaining importance in order for a company to reach it’s target groups. Social networks offer a great opportunity for presenting an organization’s activities and values, and present an avenue for dialogue with the target public. As the doors to a company open wide when going online, the organisation must set a strategy and a narrative of communication.

Taktik builds the strategy of companies’ online presence and communication, set in accordance with their business values and mission. The strategy includes defining the narrative, editorial policy and tactics in which to respond to positive or negative feedback from their public. After the company successfully presents itself on a social network, Taktik offers additional editorial and communication support.

Media training

Every organization occasionally finds itself in a position when they need a trained speaker to communicate their messages in front of the camera, and to respond to journalists’ questions. Equally important as the ‘performance’ is, of course, the content of the messages that are communicated. The speaker has to present key information, and at the same time meet the expectations of the listeners for content. Simple and accurate answers to any potential questions are crucial.

Public performance training, offered by Taktik, helps speakers to get rid of all non-essential habits during public performance. At the same time it teaches the appropriate use of gestures and movement, voice intonation, preparation of the messages they wish to communicate, and answering journalists’ and other questions.